I would stab someone in the face for this.

I collect odd Final Fantasy merch (with my niche being ‘Sephiroth fangirl’), and I’ve been aware of this stuff for a while now, but before now, I haven’t had an opportunity to buy any:

That is exactly what it looks like. It is Sephiroth-scented perfume. And I am bidding on a bottle. Considering I don’t wear perfume, one bottle of this stuff would last me my whole life, and considering the price on a bottle of this was ¥7140 when Square first sold it, I think the price pans out. At retail value, it would be like paying about $1.50 every year for the rest of my life for the honor of owning a bottle of Sephiroth musk. And damnit, I’m willing to pay for that honor.

There’s also a Sephiroth scented candle up for auction, but it would get confiscated during a room check, and $30-ish is way too much money to spend on a candle that is going to be taken by an RA. Still, I can’t resist the pull of Square’s off-the-wall tie-in merchandise (like the Potion drinks–though it disturbs me that there are still unopened ’10th Anniversary’ FFVII potions lying around, I still want to own one).

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