You must be the pride of [SUBJECT HOMETOWN HERE].

Well, here we go. I’m not one who has ever had a need or desire to blog. Interesting things don’t happen to me. Well, perhaps that’s not true, but nothing that ever happened to me was interesting enough (to me) to warrant the entire universe hearing it.

With the advent of blogs, the information age exploded. We exponentially generate information through the internet. The amount of information out there increases 66% each year. Mostly because of blogs, I think. When ten thousand people comment on what’s going on in Egypt, even if they aren’t saying anything original (i.e. reposts on Tumblr, Digg, Twitter), they still generate the information stating:

I exist, and I have an opinion.

I suppose I can see the appeal in blogging, but I’d rather create something stating ‘I exist, and I painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel’, or ‘I exist, and I composed some of the most beautiful music in the world while deaf’. Maybe that’s why I never blogged before. I’m not Michelangelo or Beethoven. But something tells me neither of them would have blogged, either, so I suppose I’m still in good company.


This blog will not be about my daily life. It won’t be about the ‘lol excellent nap’ I took after class, nor will it be about the ‘omg best episode of Glee EVER’ that I watched later that evening. I’ve already got a Facebook for such meaningless sound-bites. This blog will be about something much closer to my heart. This blog will be about video games.

I’m not a game reviewer in the most obvious sense. In a way, I think all players are game reviewers–we all evaluate the games we play, and pass on our opinions of them when prompted. The only difference between us and professional reviewers is that they get to play the games a month before we do, and they get paid to do it. (Lucky bastards.) I will instead be discussing video games and their place in society. I will be talking about how games relate to the past, how games relate to the present, and how the average gamer is more of a philosopher than the average non-gamer realizes.

However, for the sake of accuracy, I must exclude about 80% of Wii adopters from the ‘average gamer’ category. Sorry, but I don’t think Wii Fit can actually be considered part of the philosophic tradition of yoga.

This blog might seem fragmentary at times, and garrulous at others. (Such a great word, and I never get the chance to use it in a sentence.) It may be spot on accurate at times, and wildly and unequivocally, almost impossibly off at others, because the blog is the art of expressing opinions. And while opinions cannot be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, they can be ‘accurate’ reflections of reality and ‘WTF what is wrong with you?!’ reflections of reality.

I just hope that most of my opinions come to be regarded as the former rather than the latter.

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